L-R: Charles Larroque, Pat Dossman, Jean-Robert Frigault, Dwight Jodon


Lafayette, LA, December 2, 2014 -- EXPERIENCE LOUISIANA FESTIVAL connects with leadership of the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL) today.  The meeting was a very productive sharing of ideas and an invitation for CODOFIL to assist with development of a French language footprint for the festival.

Charles Larroque, CODOFIL's Executive Director, and Jean-Robert Frigault, CODOFIL Exchange Programs Development Manager, were gracious and welcoming, discussing the mission of CODOFIL and the potential partnership with the festival, ensuring that it is a French-Friendly event.

There is also great potential for a new and exciting CODOFIL program, uniquely developed as a part of the EXPERIENCE LOUISIANA FESTIVAL.  Much more on this idea as planning develops.

A formal partnership between CODOFIL and the festival will be discussed at the organization's December 16, 2014 board meeting.  Festival organizers look forward to a plethora of possibilities that will develop from a relationship with CODOFIL.

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