2018 Festival Changes

We are looking forward to this year's festival: 
​Saturday, October 20, 2018, 10:00am-5:00pm -- ONE DAY ONLY.

Great things are happening on the LSU Eunice campus, including the addition of THREE new sports – Men's & Women's SOCCER and Men's Basketball!  This athletic expansion brings wonderful benefits to LSUE which impact both the student body and the physical campus.  Many international students (from Jamaica, Germany, Denmark) as well as students from other states will move to Eunice to begin the Fall Semester as student athletes.

Additionally, and of most consequence to the festival, the construction of two soccer fields is underway.  One of the fields is being built on the grounds north of the Community Education Building – the "former" festival grounds.  BUT, we view the change as an opportunity to adjust the festival format and layout in what we believe to be positive ways. 

Here is an overview of the major changes for 2018:

-The festival will be a Saturday-only event with hours from 10:00am-5:00pm.

-Festival main components will be staged around the Acadian Center ("Student Union") – large building on the east side of the campus.  This is the building adjacent to the large, main parking lot accessed by the boulevard entrance (NE corner of campus).

-The car & truck show will be staged along the west edge of the Acadian Center parking lot.

-The Rendez vous des Cajun radio show will be held at the Liberty Center (downtown Eunice) at 6:00pm.