Pictured left to right:  Dwight Jodon, Kelly Pitre, Pat Dossman, Dr. Pete Gregory, Dr. Shane Rasmussen

LA Folklife Center networking

Natchitoches, LA, September 18, 2014 -- Dr. Shane Rasmussen (Director of the Louisiana Folklife Center at Northwestern State University, Editor of the LA Folklife Journal, and Assistant Professor of English) and Dr. Pete Gregory (Professor of Anthropology, Researcher and Writer of LA Cultures, and Curator of the Williamson Museum) took time out of their morning to visit with members of the EXPERIENCE LOUISIANA FESTIVAL planning committee.  NSU hosts the Natchitoches-NSU Folk Festival every July -- 2014 being their 35th year.

Drs. Rasmussen and Gregory generously shared their knowledge and expertise regarding hosting and producing a large-scale folklife event -- invaluable!  They were also extremely optimistic about the potential for success of the EXPERIENCE LOUISIANA FESTIVAL, and recalled the enormous success of the LA Folklife Festival (state-sponsored) when Eunice hosted it many years ago.  Topics covered ranged from logistics and organization to funding and support -- Cultural Networking at its best!

The festival committee is grateful to the NSU team for their hospitality and willingness to share.

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