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To promote the MUSIC, FOOD, ART, CULTURE, and PEOPLE of the great State of Louisiana, showcasing them through a dynamic and interactive festival experience.  
The festival mission is to celebrate, share and document the rich variety of cultures within the State of Louisiana, providing guests with an immersive experience of music, food, folklife, folk crafts, art, film and narrative stages on a variety of topics (e.g. Mardi Gras traditions, prayer flag traditions, cultural history and more) -- a gathering of like-minded/hearted individuals and organizations (music, folklife, arts, and food).
As Eunice is within approximately three hours of all corners of the state, it is a convenient gathering place for this statewide event.


Community Revival, Cultural Enhancement

In May 2014, several individuals who are passionate about Louisiana, her people and culture, began reminiscing about two major events formally held in Eunice -- the LOUISIANA FOLKLIFE FESTIVAL and the TRI-PARISH FAIR.  What was beautiful about both of those events is that they each fostered a sense of community spirit and unity.  Beyond that, they were a blast to attend! 
In an effort to revive that spirit of volunteerism and rallying around the common good, plans began forming to create an event that would modeled off of those previous events, but new and different!
Due to the broad scope of the project, the festival committee partnered with LSU Eunice, asking permission to host the event on the campus of LSUE.  At that point, the planning began!
We hope that you will join in the preparation and planning for the inaugural EXPERIENCE LOUISIANA FESTIVAL!  It is our sincere hope that the event would become a CULTURAL NETWORKING experience, as well as a wholesome, fun, educational experience for all who attend.


LSU Eunice

Eunice Rotary Club

♦ City of Eunice

♦ National Park Service

♦ St. Landry Parish Tourist Commission
​♦ Eunice Chamber of Commerce


Contact the festival if you are
interested in becoming a partner.