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11:00am  Feature Film Program (1 film) (57 min.)

Mon Cher Camarade / U.S.A. – Louisiana / 2009 / Director Pat Mire / 57 min.
This film tells the story – never before told – of the French-speaking Cajun soldiers in WWII.  Hundreds of French-Louisiana Cajuns served as interpreters for their field commanders and several of them were secret agents who passed as locals to work with the French underground.  This documentary blends an original music sound track, 35mm film footage and HD interviews with stunning archival footage from the National Archives in a storytelling fashion that puts the storytelling where it belongs – on the shoulders of those veterans.


1:00pm  Short Films Program (7 short films) (60 min., with a minute between each film)
Le Voisinage / U.S.A. - Louisiana / 2017 / Director Stephen
Meaux / Documentary / 30 min.

Le Voisinage is a series of films by Cajun filmmaker Stephen Meaux focusing on the music of South Louisiana.  The films range between seven and eight minutes.  The bands discuss their influences, style of music, origin of name, etc., and they also perform a few songs.  Each film ends with the band performing an original tune filmed in one take.  English with French subtitles.
    Le Voisinage – Feufollet, 7:47 min.
    Le Voisinage – Pine Leaf Boys, 6:27 min.
    Le Voisinage – The Revelers, 7:15 min.
    Le Voisinage – T’Monde, 7:05 min.

Forked Island / U.S.A. – Louisiana / 2014 / Director Stephen
Meaux / Documentary / 3:23 min.

This film, part of Stephen’s Just comme ça series of films, focuses on Justin Stelly crawfishing in Forked Island in Vermilion Parish.

Adam Dans Ma Cuisine / U.S.A. - Louisiana / 2017 / Director
Stephen Meaux / Documentary /4:07 min.

This film is part of a series of films by Stephen on cooking in South Louisiana.  Adam Doucet cooks a meatball stew.  Subtitles are in Cajun French.  Music is by Brett Hebert.

Équand je t’ai vue / U.S.A. – Louisiana / 2017 / Director Stephen Meaux / Documentary / 17 min.
This is a film made by Stephen showing his experience at a French immersion program in Jonquiere, Quebec.

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