Larry was born in Acadia Parish near Iota July 7, 1936 to Abraham J. Miller and Alzena Leger, 97% of French ancestry, and grew up speaking Cajun French.
     His family played Cajun music, his father played house dances on accordion, later Larry on triangle and spoons in family jams.  Larry was 42 when he began to learn how to play and build accordions.  He has built accordions for 36 years, producing just over 1200.  He has taught 14 people how to build accordions through an apprenticeship of 240 hours, minimum, including his grandson, Jay Miller who continues to build.    
     Larry was one of the 26 founders of the C. F. M. A. and served in almost every office, Nat’l President for three terms.  He has dedicated a substantial portion of his life during those 35 years to the preservation and public education of  Cajun Culture by being the primary driving force for: [1] CFMA Nat’l Board structure, [2] formation of  “Le Cajun” Music Awards program, [3] Iota Mardi Gras Folk Festival, [4] The Cajun Music Hall of Fame & Museum, Eunice, [5] produced a book  (1984) & CD “You Can Play Cajun Accordion”, [6]  French Gospel Choir of St. Joseph Church, Iota in 2000. [7] two grants, 1987-88, conduct in-depth research, document oral history, photos, & route maps of respective Prairie Cajun Mardi Gras activities of Western Acadia Parish, [8] Mardi Gras historical exhibit of W. Acadia M. Gras.          
     Although Larry is best known for the above contributions to Cajun culture, he co-founded/managed a traditional Cajun band called, “Moulin Rouge” for 13 years and recorded a cassette in 1986, CD reproduced.  Larry has also devoted many years of traveling to numerous festivals/tours across USA, four in France and four in French Canada to play Cajun music, show hand-made instruments, and give numerous Cajun culture presentations.  He has also done at least 200 school programs on Cajun music, culture and traditional Mardi Gras.  Thus, for the above cumulative achievements, Larry was inducted into the Cajun Music Hall of Fame, Eunice in 2011.     
     Larry credits much of the above with the assistance of his wife Jackie Reed Miller.

Larry G. Miller

FOLK DEMONSTRATOR                                                                           IOTA, LA