Lora Ann Chaisson

Inspired by rich colorful heritage jewelry and basket weaver artisan Lora Ann Chaisson of the United Houma Nation creates exquisite handmade jewelry using alligator hide famous to the Louisiana.  Born and raised in the swamplands of Southern Louisiana she creates unique pieces of jewelry that is made from the hide of the alligator and scales from the alligator garfish.  Lora Ann also weaves Houma half-hitch coil palmetto baskets.  Many of her baskets have been on displayed at museums around Louisiana.

Lora Ann serves as a Tribal Council since 2005.  She is the daughter of Theo and late Betty Chaisson who are both Houma.  She is a 98’ alumni of American Indian Opportunity Leadership Program based in New Mexico.  Lora Ann was selected by the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian to be interviewed to discuss tribal history, lives and work and from there it was feature in Indian Country Today.  She was featured in the September / October issue of Native People magazine with her Traditional Houma Gumbo.  She has also been featured on National Geography cooking alligator sauce piquant and fry bread with Nick Paine in Exotic Foods and featured on PBS with Loretta Oden’s in Season with Spirit cooking alligator sauce piquant.  Lora Ann has demonstrated cooking from many years at New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and every year has a booth showcasing her Houma Palmetto half-hitch coil baskets and alligator jewelry.

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