The Festival's opening band, CFMA Young Musicians - Sat, Oct 22, 10am - is sponsored by CFMA Acadiana Charter Chapter!  Features Briggs Brown, Kyle Huval, Bubba Hebert, Kegan Navarre, Travis Benoit, Megan Brown & Cameron Fontenot

Cajun Musicians young and old will be playing together the music they love.  There will be Beginners, Intermediate and Professionals all joining in as they play Traditional Cajun Music -- songs that have been handed down for generations!  They will continue to give the gift of Music, Language and Culture to not only their families, but to anyone who wants to learn.  Come to listen, sing and dance along with the music.
"Come Pass A Good Time!"

Musician's Village Hours, JAM SESSION:
Saturday, OCT 22, 10am-4pm

All musician are welcome to come and play Cajun Music . Bring your instruments and your smiles !
The CFMA JAM SESSION will be dedicated to long-time member and great friend of the Cajun Culture, CLAUDIA WOOD.
For more information, contact Joy Cleveland: / Phone 337-550-4509, or through the CFMA Acadiana Charter Chapter

Musician's Village

a gathering of LA musicians, hosted by CFMA's Acadiana Charter Chapter