Mike LeBlanc explains Pétanque (2015)


Pétanque is a French game with roots in ancient history. Similar to horseshoes and bocce ball, the game requires precision, finesse and a great deal of concentration that may not be apparent if you’re simply a spectator. This popular lawn game is played throughout the world, for both fun and serious competition.


Parc Girard & Petanque

Allons by LAFAYETTE TRAVEL   Playing Pétanque: A bit of France right
      here in Lafayette!

WHO WE ARE       We are a group of people with a few things in common - the love of the outdoors, the love of good conversation and a healthy appetite for fun. Some of us do our socializing in French, as the game of pétanque is French in origin, and is popular throughout France. We play on a regular monthly schedule, and also play whenever the weather is nice and the mood strikes us.
We are affiliated with
Alliance Française de Lafayette, whose mission it is to promote the French language.

Mike LeBlanc, with La Boule Cadienne de Lafayette (Pétanque Lafayette), will host Pétanque games on Saturday morning!  You are invited to come out to watch, learn, meet new friends, and PLAY!  It is also an opportunity to brush up on your French...or even learn a little if you don't speak French.