FILM VILLAGE will be hosted in the LSUE Community Education Building, adjacent to the Main Festival Grounds.

Film Village

11:30 am  Introduction to Experience Louisiana Festival and Cinema on the Bayou film trailers with Pat Mire

11:45 am    The Abita Mystery House (2016) - director Jessy Cale Williamson - 22 min - Q&A with director following screening.
This documentary takes an intimate look into a unique small town roadside attraction in Louisiana and the people who work there.

1:00 pm    The Flying Vet of Lafayette - The Story of Dr. Louis "Lippi" Leonpacher (2017) - director Eric Breaux - 56 min - Q&A with director following screening.
This film features the rich history of a young German who carved out a life for himself and his family in Acadiana and a career as a large animal vet in the heart of Cajun country.  The story is told through film reels, photos, personal stories and the hand-written journals of Dr. Leonpacher, and highlights the region in the 1920’s and 30’s and into the 60’s.

3:30PM  Everybody Wants to be a Cajun (2014)  - 23mins. By Christian Fleury and David Simard
Louisiana, 2013. French language is rapidly disappearing. Filmmakers Christian Fleury and David Simard investigate what seams to be the inevitable death of a language. ''Everybody Wants to be a Cajun'' follows ''Let the French Fly'', filmed in Maine, 2012. This time, they present two experts, each with their own perspective on the state of french language and culture. One expert works towards a unified francophone community while the other represents the large majority of french descendants now Americanized. The two opposing views reveal social and political differences that have divided the community in the past and still does today. Parallel to this dialogue, members of the francophone community offer little moments of poetry through their rich stories and dialect.