FILM VILLAGE will be hosted in the West Auditorium of the LSUE Community Education Building, adjacent to the Main Festival Grounds.


11:30 am “Dirty Rice” by Pat Mire, 85 min.
An official selection in the 42nd London Film Festival, this 1997 narrative feature film, captures the raw essence of a rural Cajun community in South Louisiana in a tale of a man rediscovering his roots and reclaiming his heritage.  Film critic, Neal Norman, wrote in his review for the London Evening Standard, "While the "Big Easy," "No Mercy" and more recently "Eve's Bayou," have flirted with the Cajun world, this is the real deal, 100% proof and not to be missed"  

1:00 - 2:15 pm "Eunice, Louisiana Makes A Movie"  The 20-Year Reunion of “Dirty Rice” with Cast and Crew and some of town's people who worked on the realization of this motion picture.  
This film was shot on 35mm in January and February of 1996, one of the coldest winters on recorded history - It snowed in Eunice the day we were supposed to shoot the Easter Sunday scene.  "All my love to the people of Eunice who made this dream come true." Pat Mire

2:30 pm
Everyone, lets get out of here and go listen to
Wayne Toups!

Film Village

Film Village